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23 66%
6 17%
6 17%
Voters: 35.
Would you utilize a multimedia interactive program that features tutorials, history and the basics of guitar?

The program would feature things like video demonstrations of guitar techniques and how to play, cover basic notation and where to play it on the fretboard, the history of guitar and influential guitarists, where and what to purchase etc.

Just need a few people to take the poll the Multimedia subject at my school.

No, not really. When I was first learning guitar, one of the most valuable things I did was hunt for the knowledge. You appreciate things more when you work for them.

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Pics coming soon
yeh i would
as long as it wasnt just a small thing with limited info and was for free
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I would use it if you didn't have to stream/download the video demonstrations.
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No. I want to learn something that's actually useful.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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