I'm currently deciding between the Ibanez Xiphos or the Jackson WRMG warrior, which do you think I should go with. Also If it's not obvious I play Death/Thrash/Black metal, I'll consider any recomendations(I'll be spending up to $1000 but more around $700) but I'm really set on X-body guitars

EDIT: Specifically stuff like Dissection, Gorgoroth, Slayer, Death, Necrophagist, Megadeth, Decrepit Birth, Children Of Bodom, Immortal, etc.
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What's your amp?

No point spending $1000 on guitar while you still use a Spider.

EDIT: And don't buy a guitar because of it's looks; you want one the will sound good. I mean, through the right valve amp (and that bit's important, due to the EMGs), the Jackson will sound 'metal'. However, it does look like an absolute bitch to play.

Maybe look at a Dinky DKMG aswell, if you get the Jackson, and play them both, see what you like better. Play the Ibanez aswell, and see if you like that, but in my opinion, Jackson are better.

They'll sound pretty much the same, I'm guessing, and I'm guessing the Dinky will feel better.

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Currently a $30 walmart amp, though I'm also saving to buying an amp currently too, I was thinking some sort of Peavy, I've had doubts about them, but lately I've been hearing good things