This is something I just came up with while I was at work. This is my first time submitting to the forums, so don't tear me apart too much. It's meant to be a psychedelic type song, but have at it.

Do you remember when I was a dinosaur?

the mind has a mind of it's own
and you should mind the mind you own
for you only own one mind at a time
unless, my friend, you don't mind
the time space shifts, the fake
water drips, and the meaningless
quips of a thousand past lives
in a fountain of overdrive
resides on paper, three by five

I once had a tower, and I rode upon a mighty steed

the mind is a terrible thing to waste
the mime is a terrible thing to waste
the mime is a terrible thing to paste
the mime is an unbearable thing to taste
my mime is an unbearable king to taste
my mime...

A billion understandings come and go
The knowledge of the gods, but now I don't know
because the sky is getting angry
and the germans are definitely coming
carrying out an attack of infinite strategy
Waiting out the storm...
Waiting for the day...

to shine away the shadows of confusion
clearing out the darkness of fear

the mind is a terrible thing to waste
the mind is a terrible thing to waste

Word play on cool whip
With the bass in your face
The knowledge of the gods, gone
leaving nothing in it's place

An experience for the able
Not for the frail
A full fledged adventure
into the depths of the ego

But now the last page has come
and so ends the tale

There is just one question

Was the universe of knowledge a reality
or the drug, raping your mind violently
whoa. if guitar playing doesn't work, you could be an amazing lyricist/poet
I like some of it, other parts seem a bit too strange
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reading this made you my 2nd favorite UGers... (kensai all the way)
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