I just put 4 songs up and am looking for some feedback. Here's a little about them:

Nanna's Song: Wrote it after finding out that my Nanna died as a tribute.

Catch 22: About a girl I'm good friends with and am in love with. I told her this and screwed it up terribly, especially because she had a boyfriend at the time.

Decisions: So there's this hat I have and it's red and kind of like Mario's hat. I party in it. It got left at a guys house after a party (mainly because I was trippin' balls). Anyway, the aforementioned girl gave me this other hat which her mother passed down to her and then I started wearing that a lot.

Eventually, I get the other hat, and I was looking forward to it for ages. Then when I have it I'm over it because I like the other hat better. Then I related the hats to me maybe liking this other hat better because I'm in love with the girl who gave it to me.

Fool's Ballad: It's instrumental, which is why I called it 'Fool's Ballad', because ballads have words and tell stories, and this song does neither, so it's a ballad for fools such as myself who can't say what they think because they're conformist ****s.

Of course, C4C.