Getting a new guitar to replace my bros crappy used ashton started pack guitar and I was looking at the Yamaha Pacificas. Are these much of an improvement? If not please recommend another guitar in the same price range, I live in Australia so we get ripped off quite a bit.


Yer thats the site I was looking at (first one that came up on google)
er yeh the pacificas are decent guitars, although u may as well get a squire stratocaster. and ive sen ashton guitar starter packs, and i can probaBLY GUES WHCH ONE TI IS. AND ITS AWFULL.
So which is better a Squier or a Pacifica? I have no idea about low end guitars I've never really bought one.
Pacifica is much better that Squier standard Strat. It's really good guitar!
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depends which squier, honestly. The Classic Vibe/Vintage Modified Strats are probably as good as a mid-range Pacifica (probably a 412).
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