So, the Tennis Masters Cup starts tomorrow. For those who don't know, this is the "World Championship" where only the top 8 players of this calendar year battle for the trophy.

This years 8 are:

1. Roger Federer (woot)
2. Novak Djokovic
3. Andy Murray
4. Nikolay Davydenko
5. Andy Roddick
6. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
7. Juan Martin Del Potro
8. Gilles Simon

Rafael Nadal is "fatigued" (Christ...) and has withdrawn for the second time in two years.

The players are split into two groups (red and gold) and the top two in each group progress to the semi finals (the round-robin format). Simple, eh?

Red Group:


Gold Group:


So, predictions, personal interests? I'm a massive Federer fan, and still genuinely believe he is the best, so my money is on him, as always. Will anyone even be paying attention?
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Go Roddick
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I've got a feeling the red group will win. Although Tsonga is a fine player...

Nadal's a pussy

I'll try to watch it wherever I can.
I would love to see another Andy Murray - Roger Federer final, but since they're not in the same group it would appear it ain't happenin.
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Nadal's a pussy


go murray!

*waves flag*

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Yeah go Roddick!
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I seem to be the only person from the UK that doesn't really care about Murray. Yes, it would eb alright if he won something, and he seems to be improving more than Henman, but I still find it rather hard to sum up any support for him. Nadal's cool, the whole climbing into the box when he won Wimbledon made me laugh, but Federer is still cool. Plus he was in the Nike ad with Rhys Darby. Therefore, he's pretty much better than the rest in everyway, not just the sport. Just having a not too great year.
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