OK, well Ive been playing guitar for 2 years now...(I'm 14) and i decided I'm going to start getting serious about my playing, so i need some help making a practice schedule, i play metal, so i want one that would fit metal...like thrash metal kind of. and metal core, i just need to know where to start and how to set it up...Thank you UG
Really I just play whenever I don't absolutely have to be doing anything else. I just run all the modes and then play a lick or two in each mode, then practice the few metal riffs I know that I didn't write, then I practice stuff from my band, and if there's any time left I'll write new material.
Some people will probably argue militantly against this, but metal is not exactly synonymous with schedule. It's a lot about spontaneity and letting it fly. You do have to practice a great deal to become a significantly talented metal guitarist (something I am still striving for after 3 years of playing, 2 years of playing metal). But it will show how much you want it is directly proportional to how much of your free time you spend practicing.

But for a practice guideline, every day, whenever - scales, licks, riffs, songs, then screwing around/writing, and sometimes learning new riffs of songs you like.
that's good advice. i do the same thing everyday. but what about full band practice. that is a lot harder to schedule especialy if you don't have transportation