Ok so its a carnival of cliches but come on guys and gals give the workhorse of the english language a break and the recognition it deserves! Hopefully i put one or two to good use here..
Musically it rattles along with a kind of jazzy feeling and a little bit of the celtic touch thrown in with some of the guitar riffs..


Don't look back
If you value your life
Think pillar of salt
Remember Lot's wife
Burn all your bridges
Say goodbye,
To this dying world
His kingdom is near
Time to be good to your soul

Don't look back
Put your hand to the plough
Don’t put off ‘til tomorrow
What you need to do now
Step out in faith
Taking His Word
A lamp to light your path
Don’t risk turning back
Nail your colours to the mast

Don't look back
Learn the lesson of those
Who fell by the wayside
In love with this world
Be sure to take the time
To leave the past behind
There's a prize to be won
A treasure waiting to be found

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