..yeah, sorry, but even after checking a bunch of older threads, I have a lot of questions, I'll try asking the most of em right now, but some are borderline accecoires and recording, so yeah...

anyways, the main question:

I currently have a Roland Cube 15x, great lil amp, wouldn't think of swapping it (instead maybe for a higher-up model like the 30 or 60 :P) but after about 2 years of playing, exams coming up, my parents said that I can buy either a new amp or a bunch of effects after the exams are over.

now on to amps,
since all I do right now is bedroom practice, tubes are out of the question.
that plus my dad is against tube amps, he said I should buy a cheaper solid-state amp (that can possibly do gigs) and invest in either a half-stack or a tube amp once I get in a band and seriously do gigging (and actually, I agree with him).
So, I'm probably gonna end up buying either a line6 spider 75 or a roland cube 60.
Now, I'm not one too lazy to fiddle around to find nice tones, so that's not a problem. the downsides of both of these amps that I can find is:

Line 6 Spider III 75:
* Apparently these get the 'black box syndrome', and also whilst reading the line 6 forums, I found that line 6 isn't very eager to help people that have this problem.
* I have no idea whatsoever the overall hardware quality is
Roland Cube 60:
* I have no idea how this sounds, since my local shop can only order one if I'm buying it, and Roland has no sound samples on their website. Also I know the line6 on board effects somewhat (and I don't dislike em) but again, I have no idea how the roland effects are (but considering they are , according to the site, build using the COSM technique thats also used for BOSS they can't be that shitty)

now the other option was effects. Since what my cube lacks are on board effects, that would probably be what I'd invest in, that plus probably an OD pedal as a solo booster. So if you think I should do this, would it be wise to invest in a multi-effect, or go for the single effect units cuz they're better anyway?

now, here's the part what I ment on 'borderline accesoires and recording' cuz my other option would be buying something like either a toneport or a recording unit like the boss BR600. I have absolutely no idea how this stuff compares (since they also have 'tweakable' on board effects) and which is the better. Or is it better to invest in an mixer board with a line to my computer?

I'll also replace my shitty motion stratocaster in june, thats also around the time I'm planning on buying my amp/effects/recording thing, or a combo of those.

I'm someone who plays goregrind and melodic death metal (mostly Arch Enemy and Carcass) but also clean stuff like clapton, and low OD stuff like Hendrix, and blues/jazz, so I think it's clear I play just about everything.

Sorry for the long read, I'm tired as hell so I probably made alot of spelling/grammar mistakes, so sorry if it's hard to read. Also if you think I missed some info, please tell me.
Well, as far as tube amps goes, you dont need to buy a 100 watt halfstack lol.

You can get 5 watt tubes, 15 watt tubes, 30 watt tubes...

A 30 watt tube will be a little bit louder than the cube 60 at full volume. I can't urge you enough to just go out there and try as many amps as you can. Do not be biased for either solid state or tubes.

Try out the cube 60 by all means, but also try these;
Orange Tiny Terror
Laney VC15R
Peavey Valveking
Blackheart Little Giant (although pretty much nowhere stocks these)
well my dad doesn't like tube amps, so after struggling about it for a week it came down to this, I can get a tube amp or a more than bout60-75 watt SS amp once I'm in a band....

so that ends the tube option (unless I wait till I'm in a band) the other problem is, that we have a very noisy house, so I can't put the volume higher than one or two anyway (long live the cubes power squeezer) and since I read alot about tubes not being worth it unless you turn the volume high....

also I heard some users here complain that cheap tube amps don't do metal :P

also I'm open indeed to amp suggestions, I just picked those two since Line 6 spiders are somewhat hated round these parts, and I already have a roland amp.
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Your limiting yourself to much based on what sounds like misinformation. A 5 watt Valve Junior with a good multi pretty much puts all the SS modelers to shame. The only thing that even comes close is the Super Champ XD if your on a budget. Forget the specs and go try some of these amps. Just because they sound good on paper doesn't mean your going to be happy with the tones.
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well that is indeed true, but thats what I like bout a SS modeling amp, the fact that you get so many different sounds in one package (well, only when they are PROPER sounds, not a random fart collection) plus I'd rather buy a 200-300 modeling amp now and when I get in a band, invest in something like a 5150 or a bugera 6260
Your dad doesn't like good tone tube amps?
Why is this?

Anywho, not like its gonna be his amp :/
Get a blackheart little giant man, they're well mint!
If you're doing bedroom practice, get a smaller tube amp with an attenuator. 1-watt crank
The idea that tubes sound good only when cranked is false.

Tube amps sound BETTER when cranked, the arguement between TUBE and SS will always exist. But in all honesty you cant loose with a tube amp. You dont need 120 watts tube, hell you dont need 60 watts tube. You can get a BH little giant with a 3/5 watt switch, a Valve JR, the Super Champ also has modeling, and by this i mean good modeling sounds ive had a chance to play around with one. Also Tube amps and SS amps both cost about the same. The valve jr is 199 for the combo, the little giant is 350 for the combo, the super champ is 329. If you get the VJ you can spend 100 bucks on effects as well, where you can get maybe a distortion like the metal muff or an overdrive to get your metal tones.

If you are trully against buying a low watt tube amp then dont bother buying another poor quality modeling amp, your cube is about as good as it gets, especially for metal. Save your money and when you really want to upgrade your sound spend the cash all at once and get something good rather than spend 300 here on something that is equal to your cube and then 800 bucks later.