I think I speak for everyone when I said "He must be chinese because that is one huge wall of text."

Any particular points of interest in the text?
I love Nirvana, so this is a joke.. OBVZ

But The Pixies/Boston wrote more of the song than this kid.
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Ah, so Kurt Cobain stole random gibberish instead of making up his own random gibberish?

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Thats basically the just of it. If you read the article though he claims he wrote Come as You Are as well.

When the song seemed complete, I fell asleep on such a high, with a tune in my head, thinking I had finally written something with some true meaning and passion. It was the first time I was truly, truly excited about something that I had written. There was a staff show er room at the end of every floor , and I had memorized the song by then. I ended up singing the song in the shower, loud enough to be heard by anyone using the nearby bathroom or sleeping in the rooms nearby, but the male and female bathrooms and custodians room etc. distanced them a bit. I remember back then I was in the habit of barring the door to the shower room for privacy.(It was one of those communal showers like a prison or a
YMCA where everyone showers together, and I liked to go very early in the morning to shower alone and often wedged the door shut so that anyone else coming to shower would think it was locked for cleaning and use the shower room on one of the other floors. This day, I went a bit later in the morning than usual, and I jammed the door shut, but could not control my impulse to sing. This must have aroused someones curiosity, because they came to shower, and when they found the door wedged closed began hammering on the door.
I ignored it and kept singing. Finally they kicked it open and came in angrily , fully dressed and said " Am I interrupting something?"

After I left the shower , it drove home to me how I would be putting myself on display, how I was not scared so much of bad reaction or failure. It was something else. I was scared of success. Something about the power of it frightened me, the certainty of its power, and how it would transform my life.
I have heard stories of songwriters who have written famous songs and knew then and there, with certainty, that the song would succeed, that they had finally nailed it. This was for me my moment of realization, and I knew that I was not prepared for what this would do to me.
I could not withstand the scrutiny.

All I knew was that I did not want to turn myself into a spectacle and become the very thing that the song decried. An entertainer, a freak show, naked in the public eye. I had had the completed lyrics in my conscious possession for all of about two waking hours, and that was it, I decided to give away the lyrics, and the song was gone from life and forgotten.

He used this structure for the entire Nevermind album, in the songs that he penned himself. He hated SMLTS and Come AS You ARe after awhile because he had lied about writing them. He claimed his hatred of them was because they were popular.....
I call bullshit. Someone else wrote Come As You Are, Kurt Cobain admitted it I believe.

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I think I speak for everyone when I said "He must be chinese because that is one huge wall of text."

Any particular points of interest in the text?

I hope you forgive me for this Kensai, but I'm gonna have to go ahead and say that you don't speak for me on this account...

I regret to inform you that you are sadly mistaken about the Chinese...

They had nothing at all to do with the great wall or its construction...

It was all that guys idea...
It's hardly a brilliant achievement writing Smells Like Teen Spirit is it?
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There's an ad to buy Nirvana ringtones above that wall of text of his
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That's why Kurt Cobain shot himself?

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