ok i want to buy emg 81/85 for my les paul standard. how much do u think i will pay to have them installed?and do i haft to buy some wires or something. or is all i haft to buy are the pups?
The Drilling, soldering, and all should run aprox 60-80 USD.

The pickups come with the wires and all.
But you will have to buy a battery chassis.
I know that they are on many guitar part websites.
As the guy above sad!You get everything that you need for installing them on your guitar!When I bought mine in the guitar shop near to me, they installed p.u. on my guitar for free, so search if there's anything like that near you!
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no drilling needs to be done on a les paul the battery fits just fine in the back cavity.
easier , cheaper, better to do it yourself.

its have not haft.

guitar technicians really rip you off on that.

theyll come with most of the stuff oyu need except a battery holder, but you can mke your own little slot, or have it loose.