So today at band practice my amp went a bit crazy n started feedbacking like a bitch past 3 on the master, even when my guitar volume was on 0?!? & its not the guitar cuz when i swapped to my other one the feedback was reduced but still pretty noisy...the thing is i had my noise suppressor on with the threshold up to 8 the whole time...
so yes i figure that its my amp n that my tubes have quite possibly become microphonic or are just being noisy. Either way i think that it is a good oppourtunity to try something new out tube/tonewise.

(this is my first time retubing btw)

So yer my gear is in my sig.
I was happy with my high gain tone up until now..i dont tend to scoop i keep my mids at around 5 or so & im after a sort of all that remains, killswitch engage sound so. Basically a really smooth modern metal sound which is just about what i achieved with my current set of stock Sovteks but there is room for improvement. Cleans arent too much of a worry for me..i just require that they are sufficiently warm, they dont have to be absolutely amazing

I was thinking about Tung Sol 12AX7/ JJ ECC-83 / EH 12AX7 (maybe even a mesas? since i know a guy who sells them really cheap) for the preamp & JJ KT66/ JJ KT88 / JJ 6L6GC / Sovtek KT66 / Sovtek 6L6WXT+ / Tung-sol 5881 for the power section. I may even just swap out the preamp ones for the moment but id like to some power tubes in stock for the future.
As you may be able to tell by how many i have just listed, im fairly unsure about what i should get...which is exactly why i have come here for some trusty advice from you lot

I appreciate any & all help with this

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Check out some Groove tubes... you may like them.
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