So guys, what do you think of five star?

an aussie math metal band, such brutality and uncompromisable heaviness.

theres a thread in the hardcore section, but i really wouldn't even consider them close to hc.

I saw them live with black dahlia murder about a year ago and ever since i've been hooked, they are a ****en awesome band.

I've seen them again since then and they still dont cease to amaze me. they are extremely tight live and extremely loud

so anyways, fav song would have to be pinholes...

check them out at www.myspace.com/fivestarprisoncell
I listened to a full album of theirs and it all blended together into one repetitive piece of chugging with random bits of dissonant riffs on the high end every now and then. Didn't really like them, which says a lot when Ion Dissonance is one my favorite -core bands.
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They're a generic headache. And they have a metalcore vibe. If they already have a thread, why make a new one, it's obviously accepted by the hardcore mods.
I actually really like them. sure their a weird bunch of guys (the bassist is trashed. always. i watched him drink a beer walking onstage drink three onstage and drink one walking off stage.), and honestly its not the 'core' scene that goes to watch em. The hardcore kiddies round here hate them there were like 3 hardcore kids at metalstock all 3 refused to have anything to do with em. and at all the other shows I've seen them play I've not seen one person who wasn't metal as ****.

So yea i have a tendency towards the weird. That and they are ludicrously tight.

edit: And Adam (the singer) is really really really good at taking the piss outta EVERYONE and everything, and he's a nice guy (met him at metalstock).
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Myself not seeing the hardcore or metalcore side of things, considering the bass of five star prison cell is techy, and it's not all 4/4 and 3/4 stuff.
I didn't even know it was possible...

Y'know, being a Meshuggah clone that is actually worse than Meshuggah.

Holy shit, when the vocals came up...
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cuz ppl hate how power metal they are cuz they think its "gay" or w.e, which is immature and dirogitory
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I just came. This band sucks, they don't even deserve to live in Australia.
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I didn't even know it was possible...

Y'know, being a Meshuggah clone that is actually worse than Meshuggah.

Holy shit, when the vocals came up...

dont see how they are similar to meshuggah, yeah maybe the polyrythms. but a lot of bands have polyrythmic structures.

thats like saying planet x sound like meshuggah. Sorry but i just dont see the link.
Quite entertaining.
Meshuggah clone?
The bass timbre isn't there, and neither are the polymeters.

I would say that these guys fall more under math metal.
Not that it's really important.
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The vocals are...just weird. Not really great, but they do the job.
I would love to see the vocalists facial expressions live.

One of the greatest shows I've been to, all the scene kids trying to headbang in a riff going from 19/16 to 27/32.