your intro sounds bit too unplanned, it sounds like you fumble on a couple of notes. I didn't really notice that throughout the rest of the song though

Your voice is really good for this though. Definitely a nice blues voice.

Better than like, any cover i've heard of it (excluding john mayer ) nice job man.
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It's one of my favourite Hendrix songs. For me the lead is too clean. I would prefer the lead to sound fat and fuzzy. Vocals are great as is the rythym guitar. Dirty that lead up and your version will be great.
Thanx 4 the crit
Yeah I know that there
is some wierdness in the intro

I never liked the studio version
intro so I tried 2 graft the intro
from one of the live versions
on there but it didn't work well
over the studio backing track

As 4 the sound I chose.
I did that because the fuzzed out
overdriven Red House has
been overdone

I brought it back 2 the real blues sound,
a Strat & a Fender Bassman slightly OD
w/ some reverb on it
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i like your voice a lot for blues. it sounds great. your playing reminds me of Jimmy Vaughan. cool stuff

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Sounds great.

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Sounds excellent, the vox are especially good.
A metal band?
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