Well I plugged in my LTD EC-1000 and I didn't hear any sound. When I touched the wire that goes to output jack, sometimes it started working again. So I opened the output jack and saw that 1 black wire was loose. Should I solder it myself (im not very good at soldering) or take it to someone that knows that stuff ? Its kinda hard to get close there to solder it, but not impossible.
You can solder it yourself. Even if you're not good at soldering now, it's good to take the time to practice, learn it well and then never have to bother with someone else if you run across this again or want to change pickups.
there's usually some slack in the wire so you can pull it out enough to solder it.
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Take the whole output out of the guitar, by unscrewing the plate and twisting off the nut, find the wires and where it's not attached, solder it together, then reassemble. I did it 2 days ago because I had the same problem.
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