Vox V847a - £40
Marshall Guv'nor - £20

Both used, nothing wrong with them, i'm going to post pics soon. prices are negotiable.

Cheers, Tom
oh, i'm also selling my slimline PS2 with about 14 games, i'll have a full list of games on later on tonight, call it at £45?

Cheers, Tom
omg, I never thought that I would be on the same forum as the stig :O
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any int'l trade?

no thanks, i need the money, sorry mate.

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£20 for the Guv'nor including postage?

make that like £23 and you've got a deal

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Whats the lowest youll go on the vox? inc posage?

£35 is the real lowest i'd go, i really need the money.
PM'd back!

The Guv'nor is pretty much pending sale, sorry if anyone else was interested.
Bump yo

think i'm going to put the PS2 on eBay, but if you want it give me a PM and i'll give you a list of games and shizzle.

Cheers, Tom
Have you got any pictures of the vox and is it £35 including postage? If it is then I might be interested in it
dude the vox, what eactly is it...works pc wont let me google VOX...wtf?
it's a wah wah pedal, have a look at the ultimate wah wah thread
just incase you missed my post, have you got any picture of the vox, and is it £35 including postage? and just while im thinking about it, what is your preferred method of payment? paypal?
There's a picture on my profile of the Wah and Guv: if you go to the photos of the pedalboard.

With postage i'd say it would be about £43, sorry

And yes i'd rather use PayPal for payment.
Hold that Vox for me, £30 if I buy it in person?
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I'd rather sell it for £35 man.

I'll take that off your hands. How much do you need for postage?
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