Well, as the title says, I broke my whammy bar. I broke it right at the edge of where the threading starts. Needless to say, the bar needs to be replaced, but how do I go about getting out the threaded nub left in the hole?
Go to either a trade tools store or an Auto store and ask about 'thread repair' kits. In the car industry, it's common to snap off bolt-heads and leave the thread in, so they have tools for that u can buy. They usually also have those guys that come out on site in their vans and do it on the spot, but they're expensive. You could also see an experienced guitar repairer who might have tools for it and be able to do it cheaper seeing u in person with that sad look on your face hehe. All the best with it.
The thread repair kit sounds like the best idea, I might even have a few laying around in the garage.