So yeah, this probably belongs in pp&e, but it's not going to get any attention there. Really good band from Oregon of all places. They did a split with The Riot Before, it's awesome. Anyway, people like mike2 and lavazza, stay away, it's poppy, you won't like it.

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I love them, I have their self titled album. I'm almost sure they'll be too poppy for most in here.
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Ye ah I don't know why you posted this band here. At all.

But for the reason why you didn't think it would get attention in the pop punk and emo forum is why I've said foreeeeever that that forum is a failure. They seriously discuss Panic At The Disco, Paramore, Fall Out Boy and Jonas Brothers. No joke.
Yeah, it can get pretty shitty, I mean I don't mind Paramore or Fallout Boy, but I get what you mean. I posted it here because they have a lot of connections to punk bands and I thought some people here would like them.
I'm the same as I was when I was six years old
And oh my god I feel so damn old
I don't really feel anything
Well they're on Adeline Records and definitely have a huge modern Green Day influence but ... they're bad poppy dude. I actually listened to all their songs on their page because I was too lazy/hung over to change it/close the window. Eeeeevery song was so predictable and about the same shit.
defo pop punk, also most modern day pop/punk is predictable would you not agree, which to me isnt a bad thing, because i like the pop/punk formula, be it 70's punk to 90'and 00's pop punk.

for me there a great band, i do think theyd get attention over in the ppe forum tho,
id go as far as to say-'there the best pop punk band since greenday to come around'
Broadway Calls is sick. They played in the lobby of this hardcore show and i thought they were catchy as fùck.

Lately ive been getting into the "easycore" music. Its feel good music. A lot of these new pop punk bands ad elements of hardcore into the music. New Found Glory has been doing it for years but it seems like it is everywhere now, especially since Set Your Goals has gotten bigger.

I just came back from a local pop punk/ "easycore" show and saw some great bands. Fireworks headlined and This Time Next Year played before them. both are great bands. This Time Next Year put on a great show. Both singers from Set Your Goals were in the audience. That was rad.

Another band to check out is Four Year Strong. I saw them With New Found Glory on the Easycore Tour a couple months ago. They sound a lot like SYG.

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I found his voice pretty irritating. Otherwise, they were okay. Catchy song writing.

I honestly think they would have gone over pretty well in the PP&E forum.
They're pretty cool, but are made for pp&e
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Yeah, they're awesome. They did a Boxcar cover when I saw them, which, yeah, is the most covered Jawbreaker song, but still, it was awesome.
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P-Ms almost played a show with them, but we had to drop it cause Tom had to work. There is a flyer floating around about the show and on it we're labeled as 'golden era SST jams'.