Been tempted to buy one of these for ages, does anyone one here have one/has anyone played one?

Obviously I should probably try one before buying, but I can see that being difficult as their their a bit old and not generally stocked by music shops. I'm looking for a Thunder II fretless but will probably settle for a IA fretless as they seem easier to find on ebay
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Yes I have one (If this thread is alive any more)

it is seriously old though, like 1970's era.
Been gigged to hell, but I bought it for a fair £50.

It has a VERY unique sound, although the fretboard may be a little warped :P

i want to sell mine acctually
I have a Thunder 1A, but not fretless, My hosuemate ahs a Thunder 1, but his is actually newer (Mine dates from around 81, his 84ish)

Damn solid basses, great punky tone and nice and weighty, being a big lump of maple and walnut!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k07_7RTdS7w heres some oldish footage from when it was my main gigging bass to get an idea of tone. These are great afforadable basses, was chattin to a guy from PMT and he was sayng how he'd love to see one again!
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