Whenever I click on a smilie, or on bold/italics etc., all that happens is the screen jumps to the top, and no smilie is added to my post. This only happens on my home PC though; my PC at work is fine. Can anyone think why it would do this, and how I can stop it?

I apologise that it may be a noob question. But I am a PC noob and proud of it. And something I should mention that I'm not proud of, is that I'm using IE at the minute.
wait until the page fully finishes loading, then try it. the pc at work may be faster.
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wrong forum, but yea try the above.
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your smilies aren't working because you're sad =[

or maybe you disabled smilies in posts on your control panel?
Check if theres a little yellow toolbar at the top when it happens, click on it and it says 'allow scrioted windows' or some bull. It happened to me for ages, but then I realised its the little toolbar. I didn't notice it.


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wrong forum, but yea try the above.

Crap. Sorry guys.

Thanks for the cool replies though, I expected to get flamed to hell. I think that \m/_Chair_\m/ might have it. Now I'm looking, I've noticed that the loading bar at the bottom of the screen hasn't gone away yet. It wouldn't surprise me; this PC is a piece of shit. That's the reason I can't run firefox on it...