I am a junior in highschool and we are having a talent show in about a month. I played in a talent my freshman year and I played fade to black by myself and did very well. I want a solo guitar piece to play this year. I was thinking about cliffs of dover because everyone knows that song from guitar hero but I might have a hard time learning that in time for auditions in 1 month. What are some other good, not insanely hard songs I could play?
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Do some jazz. I suggest Joe Pass.

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Yea, Satriani wouldnt be bad. i did a talent show last year at my school, me and the previous drummer in my band, and we just did an all-out made up solo (we planned of course) but if it was me i would mix in stuff from eruption, and just MAKE a solo. a lot more origional.
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Nah, go with "So What" - Anti Nowhere Leauge (Made famous by Metallica though).

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Do it.
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surfing with the alien

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sequoia throne - protest the hero
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yeah surfing with alien wouldnt be bad either or u could the devil's slide (unless you go to a cathoilic school lol). eruption would be a good choice but it is used way to much in talent shows.
lazy by deep purple if you have a keyboardist
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you could play "Bron Yr Aur" by Jimmy Page, although you would need an acoustic guitar and i don't know if that's your style. i performed "Since I've Been Loving You" along with a backing track i go off the internet, maybe that could be an option?
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Ten Words is EEEASSSSYYY. Should be able to learn it in no time. Or, Dream On.
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I'm playing A Spoonful of Slurry - Tera Melos at mine but you might not be able to learn it in time (I never heard of those songs so i dont know how good you are) But... thats all i got.
Something SRV or Hendrix. Texas Flood, Voodoo Child...or if you want entertaining, 3rd Stone From the Sun
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Just go play some simple scales. Improv something. The high school I went to once had a talent show where some kid go up on stage playing an Epi Les Paul 100 (the one w/the bolt-on neck) and he just played some random scales, notes, and the occasional chord......he took second place. While I was just sitting there like this

and you may ask why I didnt enter the show...I have the worst stage fright of anyone. I can guarantee that there isnt another user of this site that has the same level of stage fright that I have.
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either do a little improv deal or go with something off of Buckethead's "electric tears" album.
manhattan by eric johnson
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