I recently purchased a Framus 2x12 with vintage 30s, but I am not yet 100% satisfied. It's lacking a little low and and the mids are a bit too pronounced for my taste.

It might be the cab, but I'm thinking its the combination of having 2 mid heavy vintage 30s with an ENGL blackmore (a mid heavy amp).

Someone has offered me to trade one of my vintage 30s for his G12T-75 speaker, so I will have a 2x12 vintage 30 + G12T-75. He said this would help give me a little more low end, and soften up the harsh midrange.

I did some reading and it looks like this is the combination used in Bogner Uberkabs.

I'm using an ENGL blackmore, and an EMG 81/85 equipped guitar. I play mostly trash and death metal, along the lines of dark tranquility, trivium but also some metallica and lamb of god.

So....2x vintage 30 or vintage 30 + celestion G12T-75?
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Go with the blend. Blending speakers really round out and enhance the sound IMHO.

Of course, if you have a speaker that sounds absolutely killer with an amp, a set of those wouldn't be so bad.

Try the speakers in the ENGL cabs. I think they're V60s.
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Aye, V60. Heard mixed things about those, but if I can find some clips they're worth looking into.
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Yes, it's a good combo. Bogner Uberkab's utilize that combo. I'd recommend a G12H-30, but that would drop the cab's wattage to 60, and you're using a 100 watt head so you run the risk of blowing up the speakers if you're cranking it really high.