$800 *FJA Modded* Peavey 6505 - $800 of mods done - Perfect shape *Extras*


*same ad as before, Forgot to put price... )

pictures Here- http://www.ksl.com/index.php?nid=218&ad=4577915&cat=

For sale is a mint FJA Modded Peavey 6505 (same as 5150) head that is approx 6 months old. It includes the footswitch, 4 TAD 6l6 power tubes (which have VERY little use), and 4 Ruby 6l6 tubes.

I bought the amp new for 1100 dollars, and sent it it to FJA Immediately after- paying another 800 dollars for their services. I got into this thinking I would be playing alot more heavy metal, but my tastes have changed.

FJA mods are among the most highly regarded firms for amp modification. They are well known for their work, and amps modded by them only gain value.

The amp has all the tone of a 6505- huge bass, generous amounts of gain- but with some vast improvements- including a complete re-bias, thourough tune up to provide optimum tone, the 'clarity mod plus', a footswitchable lead boost, adjustable noise reduction ( regular 6505s are known to be very noisy), a switchable mid-boost(which totally changes the attitude of the amp) and most importantly, the mid sweep.

The mid sweep is, in my opinion, the best mod that has been done- the amount of versatility it offers is incredible. What it does is changes the 'shape' of the mids- which is the part of your tone that is most important. You can get anything from absolutely earth shuddering, bassy chuggs to a more up-front, classic crunch. If you like the sound of a 6505 (5150) you will absolutely LOVE this amp.

If you are interested, Please PM me or email me at luke.the.hessian@gmail.com
I'm very interested. Pm sent.
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