Anyone have any good recommendations for a guitar cable for my electric guitar? Looking for one that is decently long so i can walk more than 5 feet away from my amp. I just have a home rig so i dont need 50 feet of cord or anything. I am looking for decent quality, no crappy cords that come with your guitar.
Monster Cable
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Ty, I have been looking closely at monsters. I haven't had a recommendation for anything else. Monster it is.
Unless you go really cheap, it's all personal preference. Monster cables are popular because they're marketed well, and they've got a metal name, and there's a lot of metal players on this forum. They're not any better than the other stuff that's available, just different. Anyways... Rapco, Spectraflex, or Planet Waves. Take your pick. Or...

alright, thanks for the input, i read more into monster cables, lotta people were sayin the same about them, overpriced and no real results
Check out Fulltone Gold Standard cables. They are by far the best I've ever used, and are really worth every penny. You have no idea how much tone your cables are choking out of your original signal until you plug in with one of these cables, the difference is incredible.
Monster cables are guaranteed for life. Just take the busted cable back to the store for a swap.... no questions.