i was wondering if the danelectro fish n chips is worth getting as an EQ. i play metallica slipknot pantera acdc.
Only if you pour salt and vinegar on it. Don't do salt and sauce like an Edinbugger, that's wrong.
it's worth going to GG&A to ask about.

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Mate, salt and sauce all the way, daft weegie :P

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Tartar Sauce.
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Is there such a thing as a heavy riff with out chugging on the e string?
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I had one, it was noisy and generally shite.

then he gave it to me, and it's still noisy and generally shite.

buy cheap, buy twice

go for a maxon 7 band

it has good build quality and volume/gain sliders like the MXR 10 band
Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.

The first two replies suggest this was originally posted in the pit?

As has been said, it's not really all that great.
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i have had mine for 3 years about now and it does wonders.. put it through the effects loop and your good.
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then he gave it to me, and it's still noisy and generally shite.

then I stole it from him.. but it's still noisy and generally shite.