Im trying to write some songs at the moment and need some tips on a few things. Ive got loads of ideas and do actually know a fair bit of theory, but i just need help bringing it all together.

Firstly, i'd like to make use of switching from a minor progression to its relative major to give a sort of sad and then uplifting mood. Im having problems doing this though. Ive heard it being done im countless songs but i can't get the two parts to flow into eachother. I tried playing an A harmonic minor progression i thought up, and then changing into a C major progression for the chorus, and it just sounds like im playing two completely different songs. I need them to sort of merge into eachother. How do i do this?

Also, if i was playing a C major progression, which minor would be the relative minor? The harmonic, natural, melodic or does it not matter?
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I can't answer your first question really, maybe you should ask for some songs that use major - minor modulation.
As for which minor to use, natural minor seems to be used most often; harmonic is used so a Major V chord can be used in a minor key (the 7th note in the scale is the 3rd note of the V chord, making the 3rd major rather than minor).
Melodic Minor is used to that the jarring interval between the 6th and 7th is fixed; although you may like this sound
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Use G Maj to change from Am to C. Or just go straight to C off of Am.

What chord progression are you using at the moment?
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If you keep a lead guitar line going on A minor pentatonic while you change to C major, it should sound very smooth.

Don't try and change too many things at once - changing tempo at the same time, for example, will make the change too dramatic, and not in a good way.
Yeah can't u switch from Am to CM by like picking a C then an A?

I was told that once
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