Marshall AVT100, Peavey Valveking 112 or Vox AD50VT?
I play anything from Gary Moore type blues through Metallica to In Flames, mainly bedroom volume or jamming with mates.
The Valveking will have a better sound quality as it is an all valve amp whereas the others mainly use transistors
depends on what you are looking for. the peavey will be better for rock/distortions, while hte vox will have better cleans
The Valveking by far
Try and get a used 5150/6505 combo though
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The best way to pick an amp is bring your guitar to the store and try everything.

In the future, ask questions about amplifiers here.
Thanks - Peavey looks favourite so far, which I was leaning towards anyway. I tried all three today with my Jackson Bond Signature Rhoads - I own the AVT100 already and intend to upgrade with the Peavey, but I also tried the Vox and was fairly impressed compared to my AVT100. I play more metal than anything else. Haven't been able to find a used 5150 or 6505.