I have a fender mim strat while my friend has a Schecter damien 6. i was jammin with him today and i LOVE his low action. its unbelievably low and he gets very little buzz. i tried to adjust my action lower like his, but my high notes on the g, b, and e string wont play correctly i measured my neck and it seems straight, so whts the difference between our guitars? and how can i get my action like his? oh another thing i dont know if it matters but he has new strings while i have old strings ( need replacing ) would that change anything?
I had a similar problem with my Jackson JSX-94, I took it a guitar tech and he suggested getting the frets stoned, (redressing the frets so there are all equal hight). Not really a DIY option unless your brave, lighter strings may help.
I still never managed to get the action as low as some other guitars I've played!
Get the relief on the neck checked out first b4 looking into getting frets stoned, I could'nt guess what it would cost, but it prob'ly ain't cheap.
I wouldn't go to GC for that. Their in house 'techs' arent generally good quality. Try and find a local luthier, or ask around at local mom and pop music stores to see if they have a guy who fixes their guitars.
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