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who do you guys think use guitar effects best(ie not a kirk hammet kind of player who just abuses the wah)
i have to say its david gilmour or buckethead. they both now how to uses effects such as wah and phasers but not make them sound like they are raping the effect

edit: also feel free to post video's of the person you listed using effects
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Inb4 Tom Morello -.-"
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BucketHead is really cool (soothsayer wahs phrasings are awesome).

Tom Morello is a bit high on effects but is still able to play with passion.
Yeah Herman Ri knows what to do with effects,
It's not really my style, but he is good with them.
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Kirk Hammett.... had to do it
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Nick from Tera Melos....seriously though probably adam jones, matt bellamy, or the guys from radiohead.
Bellamy, Morello, Johnny Greenwood and Ed from Radiohead O' Brien.

and funny enough Muse, RATM and Radiohead are my three favourite bands
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bellamy and morello ftw
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bellamy morello
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David Gilmour

he never has a straight clean tone he always uses effects
but he is good at setting up his sounds

EDIT: Also i think Kurt Cobain was good at using effects
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Johnny Greenwood
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alex lifeson, rush. oh and he's canadian.
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Bellamy, Morello, Johnny Greenwood.

The first three from the top of my head.
I'd have to say Johnny Greenwood is the best effects user.
morello and how bout the effects that EVH uses

also can't forget about the guy who brought the use of effects to the forefront: Jimi Hendrix
Oh and i forgot Steve Vai.. as did i think everybody on here did...

"Audience is Listening" anybody? Tender Surrender?
I think Mike Einziger is pretty innovative with his pedals, also I agree with those that have said Buckethead, he uses effects well.
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nothing special in tender surrender, the only part that stands out in that piece is when he transitions his distortion into clean somehow...

"Somehow..." being the keyword :P
Love the effects in Soothsayer so yeah Buckethead is good. Jonny Greenwood, Adam Jones, Matt Bellamy are all good.......
Tom Morello, Matt Bellamy, Adam Jones, Buckethead, Omar Rodriguex-Lopez, John Frusciante, Justin Chancellor, Mike Einziger and Kim Thayil.
tim reynolds for sure. he the master of the delay and volume pedals, and makes sounds i never even thought possible with just those two pedals and an acoustic guitar. check out "live at radio city" with dave matthews and tim reynolds
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I'd agree with Johnny Greenwood and Morello and all those. But I really love the effect John Frusciante uses on the outro for Throw Away Your Television.
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