A friend and I recently decided that our lazyass guitarists and singer aren't going to cut it, as we both are looking to go beyond the garage band scene. We would like to have two guitarists and an independent singer in the 15-18 y/o range. I play bass (mostly finger and slap-style) and sing backup, while my friend plays drums. We're both pretty fluent, myself having played for about 4 years now while he's been on drums since like third grade. mostly looking for a hard rock/funk/hardcore sound. I dont check UG often so call or text me 717 575 0082. Ask for Dayne.
Would you be interested in joining our online progressive rock band, we don't need your guitar skills but the vocals would be great!
I play guitar and I live in Coatesville. I go to Coatesville High School (9/10 Center). I've been playing about 3-4 years, and my style is mainly rock/metal, with some blues and jazz (i'm in the jazz band at school). Just send me a message or something on here and I could come down for an audition or something like that.

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