lol, I know the title is funny I just came up with it because I was very hungry whilst writing this song.

Hope you enjoy listening! C4C!

Edit: Major changes done, uploaded new versions.
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Each riff was nice, however I felt you dwelled on each for too long without any changes. Perhaps in the rhythm guitar you should change chords, Perhaps B5 to D5?




or something. I experimented a little and it sounds pretty neat.

However, as I said above, each riff is pretty cool on it's own, you just lack harmony. Get some chords behind those riffs

Okay cool, I'll go give it a try!

New version uploaded!

lol, judging by the time of our posts it looks like we were critting each others at the same time.
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First off, thanks a lot for the crit. I really appreciate it.

Now onto your song...

Some of the riffs in this song are amazing (I can't tell you exactly where they're at cause I don't have Guitar Pro.)

But, my only complaint is... It sounds more like a compilation of nice riffs rather than a song...if that makes any sense. It felt like you didn't really put a whole lot of thought into transitioning those riffs.

Now, don't take that as an insult... You definitely have A LOT of potential in many of these riffs, you just need to revise it a bit and try and get your transitions straight. Because the whole way through I was thinking "This is a really good riff...and now it's something completely different..." They didn't seem to flow smoothly.

But, all in all... Good riffs, weak transitions. A lot of potential, just needs some revising.

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^^ I noticed I tend to do that in just about every song. Any tips on how I could get them to flow better?
The beginning is a little boring, but the rest is great!!!! I like the variations of different riffs. And I also think it flows very well.