I've been teaching my girlfriend to play guitar this past week and she's picking up very quickly. I've been letting her borrow my really old (like 10-30yrs.) really cheap unknown name acoustic guitar and i was thinking about buying her a decent scoustic for christmas. I was looking at one these three because they're cheap, I know Epiphone makes decent acoustics, and all have great reviews, but i cant tell what the diffrence is between them besides a few details in looks. I'm leaning toward #2.

#1 Epi. DR-100 $129.99

#2 Epi. PR-150 $119.99

#3 Epi. AJ-1 $119.99
All of your choices are ok for the money, but be aware that none state that they have a "solid spruce top". For any starter guitar, you should at least insure that it has a solid top. Why you ask? It'll sound better for starters, and it'll also age better. And you don't have to go much more expensive than these to get it. Try out Alvarez also. And check into any of the Godin line, which includes Seagull, Art & Lutherie, Simon & Patrick. You can get nice entry level guitars with solid tops from all of these for a decent price.
I'm sorry, but those cheap Epis just kill me! Get a Yamaha laminate top for a similar price and much better quality. I believe F310 is the model.

If it's possible to squeeze your budget a little more, then I second what LeftyDave said. Huge increases in sound and playability once you get into the $200-$300 range.
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