what kind of fuzz pedal does jack white use? ive been looking for a sound like the one in the raconteurs song "attention!".
Okay cool, But now wich pedal was it ?

Cause i just guessed on ear.
And i myself like to know now actually :P

Because of the song: Salute You're Salutions - Raconteurs < O_o'
The song has a very cool part with fuzz, Some kind of bridge.

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he used a big muff pi in the white stripes and in some songs by the raconteurs...but in songs such as salute your solution all i hear is fuzz factory...oh and that bridge youre talking about is a fuzzed up bass
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i believe i read somewhere that he uses a fuzz factory now
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jack is one of the most famous users of the Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi
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