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My brother has downs syndrome.

He lives in an apartment building, and he's 31. He loves to joke around with people, and is the happiest person living on the planet. He especially likes to "flirt" with girls. He calls the honey, etc.

A girl on the floor above him got in a classic case of domestic violence last night, and ran form the house screaming.

The next day my brother, being the kind hearted soul that he is, brings her a flower. In response, the fully grown adult male who has no handicaps punches, full on in the chest, my brother who has downs syndrome, heart conditions, and has had 3 strokes. and numerous surgeries.

So by the end of the week I will be beating the living **** out of this despicable sack of worthless ****, because the police aren't pressing any charges.

Any ideas on revenge etc?

tl;dr some asshole punched my mentally handicapped brother so i'm going to beat his ass
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I feel ya bro. My little brother is severely autistic. I'd do the same thing if something like this happened.
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Hit this once or twice, and you'll be twice as nice.

i shouldn't have read this.

just pissed me off.
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Hit him repeatedly with a 2x4 with a nail/multiple nails in it. Rusty nails. Rusty nails covered in shit.
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Tie him to a chair and beat him with a wrench
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I think the circumstances are in your favour and you should get off lightly considering your brothers state of health

Enjoy beating the **** out of the dude
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Just go and kick the shit out of that sick bastard.



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i shouldn't have read this.

just pissed me off.

I get the same way

It pisses me off so much when shit like this happens

P.S. I'm a womanfolk! : )

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maybe the guy didn't know your brother was handicapped?

Downs syndrome is bloody hard to miss...
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get a guitar smack it round his head
Then hang him by his balls off the roof
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i'd go classic baseball bat and knuckle duster whilst tied to a chair beatdown on that asshole

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Just mercilessly kick his ass.
Good luck, come back and tell us how it worked out.
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err, press charges yourself?

Isn't this the most logical thing to do?

Edit: still, you have the guys girlfriend as a witness.

to all the guys saying that they would beat him shitless: not one of you would do anything, you would puss out. If this guy didn't have a problem beating a nice guy with downs, he sure as hell isn't gonna take shit from any of you.
My condolences to your brother...

I do believe I would take out one, or both, knees...kick to the side, break (or dislocate) kneecaps...yeah, I would do that...
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why are you wasting time posting on ug? get to it!

i dont have any mentally challenged siblings but i know if anyone hurt my sister id already be kicking their door down
Re-Arrange his Face .
Also fix it so he can't have kids

what he did is just horribe
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Kill him.

That guy really does deserve to die. I wouldn't feel any remorse from murdering him.

I just have to be somewhat discreet because i have scholarships etc. When my mom dies i need money to help take care of this kid!

The guy travels a lot, so I'm thinkin about getting him outside of city limits, and just beating the **** out of him.

Btw, if he ahd hit the girl in front of my brother, the man would have died. But my brother would never hurt anyone, even to defend himself. He'd only defend someone else.
You should press charges yourself.

Sorry to hear that it happened though, he sounds like a genuinely sweet guy.
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Also you're off topic. This thread is about Reva eating snowmen.
I say...

Give him down syndrome. That'll show him.
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hmm just beat the shit out of him.
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also, this is why i've given up on society and decided to live the way i effing want to

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