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4 14%
2 7%
enter shikira
1 3%
6 21%
the number 12 looks like you
1 3%
4 14%
fallout boy
4 14%
forever the sickest kids
1 3%
scary kids scaring kids
2 7%
18 62%
Voters: 29.
whats your favorite mondern band (last 5 years) and if picked other list band. personly mines saosin/chiodos and i want to find out what other people like for advice to people looking for good music
rock out
There's a reason that the last thread was locked you know... I don't think posting the same thing again is going to help you out here.
All those bands are horrible, especially Scary Kids Scaring Kids because they bring shame to the Cap'n Jazz song that they got their name from.