ok look.. i first bought a squier starting kit guitar with an amp and case and stuff and im tired of it... i've been playing it for years and its was usefull to start with an electric guitar, but im seriously sick of it now...i've like 600 bucks and i wanna buy more than everything a epiphone les paul... which one should i buy if i want good harmonics, play hard rock-metal, good tapping and long lasting notes/tones, and should i should i change the single coil pickups for humbuckers, how much time/money would that be?... and should i keep my 15G Fender amp that came with the kit or buy a new one... btw ive got a distortion overdrive pedal-boss:P

thans for ur help so much!!
hey thanks... ill be considering the crate v series v50-112 50W but im not sure about the agile guitar.. never heard of those... thanks anyways.. and keep posting suggestions ppl:P
They're basicly Les Paul shaped guitars that are better than epi's, some say better than gibson but idk , I still think its ur best option.
is the crate V50 112 good for metal-rock???
does it make buzzing sounds or something?
and is it good for playing like at parties and stuff?
would get you some types of metal and rock with a good OD/Distortion pedal. Plenty loud enough for parties
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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