so my les paul has always had 10 gauges, and thats the guitar i always play in drop c tuning. so im planning on putting on 11's. are there any adjustments or anything like that that i have to make?
probably not, the difference in gauge isnt too much. there a few things you might want to check tho, like the truss rod and the action of the newer strings.
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Is it in standard the now?

If you put 11s on, you'll have to adjust the intonation, but maybe not the truss rod, since the strings will still be about the same tension than than 10s in standard.
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You might want to get your guitar set up for specifically Drop C. You could ask any Guitar Center if they have any suggestions for anyone who works on guitars, they usually have some. If your guitar has been set up for Standard E and you are dropping that down, it messes up the intonation and that causes problems with tuning. A reasonable price for this is $50, give or take a little bit, but once it has been done, your guitar will sound the best it has ever been. AND you aren't hurting your guitar.
find out how to set the action and intonation yourself, it is very easy to do, and you can save yourself a lot of money. You wont have to touch the truss rod, so you wont be able to ruin anything on your guitar by doing it yourself
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i know how to adjust the intonation, that pretty easy. is adjusting the action pretty simple too?