I wanted to start learning sweep picking, just about 3 weeks ago. I started learning this one five string A-Major arpeggio with a bit of tapping and sliding, and a couple weeks later i guess i got it pretty good.

I dont know whether i did the right thing or not by starting right away with a five string sweep with tapping, sliding, etc. but i got it pretty well. Is it bad? or does it just mean that i will have an easier time playing the simpler 3 or 4 string sweeps?
i think that 5 string sweeps are easier than 3 and 4 string sweeps
i would, however, take out the tapping and sliding at first to learn the technique properly first, then add the other stuff
D&DLover, next time you should just edit your comment to avoid double posting.

But he is right, it might end up being different or more difficult if you try to go for something simpler. I started by learning the 3 string sweeps, then moved onto 5, but that's just what works for me. Either way, I'd start learning simpler sweeps so that if you do have problems, you can get them nailed down quickly. It's usually the right hand motion that people have problems with, but I guess you won't have those problems.
If you want to practice 3 or 4 string sweeps, try learning "Bleeding Mascara" by Atreyu.
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