Im playing guitar in a 3 piece band and want to run my head through 2 cabs (one on each side of the room) to help fill out the sound. This is the head I own, Bugera 333:


Is it possible to do this with my head? if so how do I do this?

This is my first time playing guitar in a band (been a drummer for 15years though) so forgive my stupidity!

If the Head is 4 ohms, and BOTH cabinets are 8 ohm, you can. You'll need to connect them with 16 ga. speaker cables. (See winterXsolstice's post for where to plug in) Measure the room so you know know long of cables you'll need to have one across the room.

That's it.
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thanks for the tip.

I assume 16ga speaker cables are easy to come by?
Do you want the "classic" amplifer stack? - 1 Head and two 4x12 cabs?
But layed out differently?

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yea, just a head a two 4x12's.
For example, for live shows I would like to have one cab on the left of the kit and the other on the right, just to make a more even sound rather than just guitars coming from the left of the kit (bear in mind I play in small venues, lots of which have very small p.a's).