Short riff idea i found whilst improvising in C Pentatonic Minor. You can hear the audio in my profile here (titled Blues Riff in C Pentatonic Minor). The basic tab is as follows:

e ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
b -----------10----8b-------------------10-----8b------------------------------
g -----------10----8b-------------------10--------------------------------------
d -----------10-----------10------------10-----------10----11----10-----8---10-
a ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
e ----8--8----------------------8---8------------------------------------------

I've developed it some more since the recording. Let me know what you think. Thanks for any comments.
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put it into the blues licks thread
Feelin the Blues

"The Blues are a simple music and I'm a simple man. But the Blues aren't a science, the Blues can't be broken down like a mathematics. The Blues are a mystery, and mysteries are never as simple as they look" - BB King
not bad at all, keep at it!
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