Hi all!

I have a Dean VMNT1 guitar for sale here. Silver finish, 24 jumbo frets, Dave Mustaine Livewire pickups, Duncan flush-mount straplocks, string-thru body setup, black hardware, neck-trhu construction, mahogony body, fitted with D'Adarrio XL 11s..

I got this for Christmas last year but I'm in dire need of money for recording. That, plus I've moved onto playing Jackson guitars now so theres little point in me owning this. Its in near-perfect condition, the fretboard is a bit filthy but there're no scratches or dings on the points, headtock or body. Absolutely essential guitar for any form of metal, but also works very well with Jazz or blues too.

Sadly though, I'm so damn skint that I can only accept UK offers, and for some bizarre reason Paypal refuse to let myactivate my account. Because they fail. So a payment method of cash or cheque is preferred!

This thing costs £800 brand new, but since this is second hand I'll let it go for around £400 - £600. I'm willing to haggle too though, but ridiculous offers will be ignored.

Pickup is also preferred, but I'll post at a small extra cost.
Is this still available? If so have you got any pics?

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would you trade it for a 1987 charvel model 475 with EMGs and a schaller trem?
its basically a dinky but with better hardware and electronics and much rarer.
PM me if you're interested
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I PM'd him, its sold already

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