how much would it cost me to put a tremolo onto my epiphone dot (ES335) and also does anyone know where online I can find one?
a bigsby tailpiece is $100....doesn't really let you do much more than some vibrato though

a stetsbar lets you do a whole lot more but its like $320 :S
Could anyone tell me if this will fit on my Epiphone ES33 Dot guitar?
Also, is it easy to assembly myself or will I need to get a proffesional to do it?
Thanks a lot!
well it looks like you got a neck angle which means no trem (only if its a seck neck though, if its bolt on, your good to go!)

If you have a bolt on, take it off, shim it so that there is no neck angle,
take the TOM off and dowel the holes,
buy a new trem bridge and measure you scale length, (nut to the 12th fret x2)
Place your trem in the position so that your scale length is corrct (the distance between the nut to the 12th fret should be the same distance between the 12th fret to the part of the saddles where the string first touches)
and mark out where you need to route for the trem block, and the screws or studs,
route out for the trem block and then the trem cavity on the back
drill the holes for the bridges screws or studs,
Screw the bridge in and string it up!

Unless you wanna get a bigsby, then you just take the tailpiece off, drill holes for the bigsby and screw it in.
Personally i don't like bigsbys....

If you want a kahler, take the TOM off, measure how far you have to route (Kahlers only need to be route like no more than an inch into the top of the body)
route out for the kahler and drill holes for the screws/ studs.

it is a very big job to do and it might be a good idea to take it to a pro/ luthier
Try Kahler Tremolo's, they make tremolo's for the dots type of bridge (u wouldnt have to cut into the body with it. The only real mod needed to your guitar is to a locking bridge or tuners)

edit: ^ my bad i guess you may need make some changes besides locking tuners/nut
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