I've been looking at a few, the TS9, OD808, and more recently the C.A.E. Boost / Line driver(labeled as MXR)

It seems simple enough, one knob for gain. I want to add it to the front of my signal chain right before the amp to add more gain and tightness to my Ultra plus. Does it seem right for me? And it's only $100, not as much as the ts808 reissue or od9..
A simple line boost can work pretty well. The nice thing about the TS clones is the bit of compression, but you may not need that. I'd say give her a try and see what it does.
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yea, a line booster maybe exactly what you want. there are a TON out there. the boosta grande by BBE (only $80 with an adapter), the LBP1 by ehx (only $50 without an adapter) and several others. great for some extra umph. you might want to even look at an OD like the OCD which is a much cleaner drive than the TS.
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The bass cut of TS-type pedals is useful for getting a tighter tone... why don't you give them a try?
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