I saw a hillarious video a while back on youtube, sort of an interview, with David Lee Roth with Steve Vai and Billy Sheehan when they were all in DLR. They were sarcastically talking about "how to write a song", and David's like, "as everyone knows, every good song starts with a solo. Hit it steve" or something like that, and Vai starts playing air guitar and making strange noises. Anyway I've searched and searched, and I just can't find it again. Does anybody know of it?
www.Isawahillariousvideoawhilebackonyoutube,sortofaninterview,withDavidLeeRothwithSteveVai andBillySheehanwhentheywereallinDLR.Theyweresarcasticallytalkingabout"howtowriteasong", andDavid'slike,"aseveryoneknows,everygoodsongstartswithasolo.Hititsteve"orsomethinglikethat, andVaistartsplayingairguitarandmakingstrangenoises.AnywayI'vesearchedandsearched,andIjustcan't finditagain.Doesanybodyknowofit?.com

that should do the trick. no need to thank me

edit: stupid thing cut out the middle part