A renaissance will say
if both of us are safe,
and where we find our kingdom in the end,
such self control we nail upon the fence
the only law we know and hold,
grows old.
The loss all pale in prose,
this blows.

There’s a book and its folds
that your hand likes to hold;
at the base we come and make each other bets,
the whole of two and funny little debts,
the cost of one for love and sex,
come, let’s.
But still, it’s legal fame,
and I’m game.

Now, then,
these kids broke the law and
though we won’t sit down
we’ve got our royal sound,
the pressure keeps,
the peasants weep,
sing “oh” to hold
the thrones of you and me.
The cry escapes,
what joy to learn
such subtle melodies,
in such reprise.

If it’s only life and death
and we speak under our breath
I think the government will have to set their clocks,
we’ll catch the sun and stars still pulling up their socks.
I think the earth will have its way,
as we play,
our lovely harmonies
will stay.