i have two phonic 10" floor monitors for sale i want these things gone asap
not the most amazingly high quality brand but these speakers put out alot of sound i've used them with my band for a few house shows we played and they preformed really well but i need a new bass rig i will let them both go for around $75 obo plus shipping
pics to follow
show respect
cash or money order only no paypal
post before you pm me so others know that a deal is being worked out
if i don't respond right away gimme a day or two i don't always have time to get on the internet (the curse of a job that asks 50 hours a week of me)
i have no feedback on this site but have a friend with good feedback i'll post his SN up later (i think it's mavsy or blueshox) so i will ship first if your feedback is 100% positive and with more than 10 post in it (please post link for me)

thank you

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