ok first,
i listen to mainly Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd,The Who,The Rolling Stones, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, SRV, stuff like that.
please dont post that shit like "fall out boy" or you favorite metal bands and that kinda stuff. i want REAL classic rock bands. So, who should i try listeing to?
you could try the allman brothers band, cream, creedence clearwater revival, lynyrd skynyrd, the doors, santana, crosby stills nash and young, the guess who, derek and the dominoes, the eagles, you might also like doyle bramhall II and smokestack.
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lynyrd skynyrd, black sabbath, rush, queen, iron maiden, guns n roses, joe satriani, metallica, the scorpions, ac/dc, boston, journey, blue oyster cult, clapton, van halen, the doors, zz top.

i know those arnt all classic rock, but i listen to every band you named, and i also like these bands, so you might also.
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Other then that, listen to The Black Crowes.


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