a few days ago i posted a thread on what solo to learn.
i found the tab for the enter sandman solo on here, but im kind of stuck.

the link is HERE.

i dont know what to call em cause its not a bar, but like on the 3rd row down of the solo. where theres this bit :


i dont understand how to play it when i listen to the solo on the actual track, youtube helped but it didnt sound right, can anyone tell me how to play it? or tell me some software i can download [not audacity] to slow it down? or even better send me a slowed down version or show me how to play?

cheers guys, this'll help alot.
that part is kinda straightforward, there are a lot of lessons on youtube about this solo, most have slowed down sections. there is a lot of wah wah in this solo so that might be why it doesnt sound right to you.
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the one on youtube says just to play the 12 once but that sounds wrong
anyone help me out here?