How stupid an idea would it be to use a guitar compressor pedal with a mic fed into it, and then the out put run into a mixer?

I can't assign compression to individual channels on my Behringer UB 1222fx, well at least I can't according to the crap instructions.

I'm trying to get some compression on a mic'd up snare and thought using an xlr to jack adapter I could run it through a guitar pedal. May be this wouldn't work out.

If I could afford better mixer I'd buy one so it's not an option to do that.

Any ideas or suggestions would be great thanks.
It should be fine.. the mic is being outputted into the pedal, so no mic damage,
and the pedal is going into the mixer, and obviously that wouldn't hurt the mixer.

It's just whether the pedal can handle the snare, which I don't see how it wouldn't.

Sounds fine to me, but I know very little about electronics and stuff so don't
try it yet LOL.
The ohms will be different but it should not harm anything. The only thing you may get is a slightly different sound.

Alesis makes the 3630 rack mount compressor (Around $100 USD new) which you could wired into the mixer using an IO port. If the pedal doesnt work well I suggest going that route. This compressor isnt all that great but you have to think of how much you are spending on it...It's cheap.
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How much would that ALESIS be?

I knew the ohm's would be somewhat messed up, but from what I gather mixers these days can handel just about anything when it comes to ohm's (or so I read somewhere last week).

May be I'll just give it a go and see what happens. I'm actually using the mic with the XLR to 1/4 jack adapter anyway as the mixer has only 6 xlr's and then the next two channels are stereo jack inputs. Pluggin into the left one of these using the adapter has caused no problems what so ever so hopefully sticking a pedal in front of this will be ok.

Thanks guys.
Oh I've just saw an Alesis 3630 for £59, that seems ok. I can't afford it yet but it's a possibility for the future. Didn't see what it was best used for, but I'm sure drums would be fine with it.
Does anyone know of any Alesis 3630 alternatives around similar price?

I've saw a Behringer compressor but I was interested in the alternatives. There's got to be more than two models to choose from?

At the minute the Behringer seems better than the Alesis.
I don't know what you're outputting the mixer to, but you could try just using a software compressor.
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I'm outputting it to a hard disk multitrack studio.

There are effects on it but I only want the compressor to be assigned to the snare for example. If I put a compressor on the input of the multi track then the whole pix will be compressed. So my idea was stick a compressor on the snare drum mic then out put that into the mixer channel.

I can't get my pc to the room were I'm recording, and I don't have a interface for an xlr anyways. Had I a lap top I'd almost certainly take that and run the snare through a compressor before it enters the main mix of the mixer.

Thanks for the idea though.