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So I was watching a video of his and I really need some help can anyone tell me the piece he starts playing at 3:17?
I'd really like to know, thank you.
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that entire thing is "No Boundries" i think
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I thought it something he added in from a classical piece, I've heard before I believe. Sounds extremely good.
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the second bit, from 3:30 onwards, is a variation on paganini's fifth caprice (played rather sloppily, which i find pretty shocking for MAB )iono about 3:17-3:30 though
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Well his style is based off dead conposers music... So yes you probably have heard a lot of his stuff already...
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The first half is an original melody played over the progression from Paganini's 24th caprice, and the second half is a variation of his 5th caprice.
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